Business skills

16 academic hours

Intensive training in English

What you will learn:

1. Increase your confidence in negotiations, presentations and business meetings in English.

2. Learn and implement main set phrases, used in business communication.

3. Get live experience of negotiating, presenting and networking.

Who this training is for:

  • You need to refresh your knowledge and skills of business communication (presenting, negotiating, meeting, networking);
  • Your career is closely connected to communication in English;
  • You want to spend quality time in a fun way.


Strong Pre-Intermediate and higher

The nearest date of the event

The group is being recruited!

Format of training

  • online (zoom) – 4 days 4 academic hours/day
  • face-to-face – 2 days 8 academic hours/day


Alena Petrova

English language trainer and instructor, certified ESL trainer, CELTA and TESOL tutor, holder of CELTA, CAM and DELTA, designer of ESL materials, trainings and a tailor-made learning English, and co-founder of the language training center Lingua LOFT.

My students are adults aged 20 – 60 of various levels and backgrounds. I have worked with students from Russia, China, Serbia, Turkey and Bulgaria, lived and worked in the USA


Ekaterina Kudryavtseva

English language trainer and instructor, psychologist and coach. More than 11 years of experience of teaching and 4 years of counselling and coaching. CELTA and CAM holder.


I got educated in London and Oxford. I am the author of an English learning programme applying coaching tools, designer and tutor of psychological trainings, and co-founder of the language training center Lingua LOFT.




The training is based on the snowball principle

Every task gives learners more theory and practice enabling them to apply their linguistic and business skills.


The level of tasks constantly grows

The tasks become more and more challenging and authentic.


Grammar and vocabulary

The focus is on lexis and functional language.


Working out all language skills in each lesson

Speaking, listening, reading and writing. The focus is on speaking and listening.


Practice and production

Practice without lectures and theory. Listeners are constantly talking, discussing, listening and playing.



Module 1

4 academic hours

Presentation skills

How to start a presentation, analyze the audience, use visuals, summarise, and use rhetorical techniques.

Module 2

4 academic hours

Negotiation Skills

Stages of negotiations, strategies and tactics, language of negotiations (lexical sets and functional language), 5 role-plays.


Module 3

4 academic hours


Clarifying, interrupting, checking understanding, asking for clarification, specifying, conflict management, brainstorming, 6 role-plays.


Module 4

4 academic hours


How to start and finish a conversation, taboo topics, active listening, 4 skill-aimed games, 5 role-plays.