“It is important and necessary to study foreign languages ..” — sounds, of course, banal, but nevertheless — a fact. In addition to the fact that it broadens your horizons, develops thinking and makes you a versatile person, knowledge of a very common language in the world — English — can often be useful in real life. I came across this in practice, lost in an unfamiliar city abroad. And now, after graduation, knowledge of English (and the corresponding diploma) may well become the basis of my future profession, especially if the employer gets acquainted with the training program: RET, FCE, CAE. It was sometimes difficult to master the language at an advanced level, but thanks to the work of the teacher and her help in overcoming difficulties, interest in the English language remained and I would very much like to continue studying it.

Marina Popova


Two years of studying according to the modern method of mastering English, I have significantly raised the level of proficiency in it. The technique helps not only to learn all the subtleties of English grammar and expand vocabulary, but also develops thinking in a foreign language and conversational speech. The knowledge acquired under the program helped to cope with the unified state exam in English as entrance exams to Moscow State University. One of the most important advantages of the methodology is the ability to present information not only accurately and accessible, but also interesting. This creative approach makes learning diverse and intensive.

Oksana Ivanova

a student of Lomonosov Moscow State University

The Baker Hughes company I work for is American, so many of my colleagues speak English. I need English, first of all, for successful communication (written and oral) at work, so I chose the course Business English (Business English). Classes were held in a relaxed atmosphere. Complicated things were said simply and clearly. Analyzing some grammatical rule or structure, we immediately tried to apply it in practice, in conversation. We were offered role-playing games, real situations, cases. It turned out that Business English is very interesting! After completing one course, I will be happy to continue my studies.

Alexey Lukin

The first thing that is incredibly captivating about Alena is her personal interest in work. You can immediately see that she just loves her job as an English teacher — she is always trying to find something new, interesting on the topic, and not just following the textbook. It includes a lot of useful listening exercises and speech training in the lesson — watching movies, role-playing games, discussions on the topic. In general, an energetic young teacher for those who really want to learn how to communicate in English.

Anastasia Khaibulina


Learning English for me means new career opportunities, freedom of communication and additional self-confidence. I’ve been studying with Alena for six months now. At the beginning of classes, my knowledge of English was within the school curriculum. Now, 6 months later, I freely communicate with foreign partners, take part in negotiations and read the business press in English with interest. I do not plan to stop there, I will continue to study and improve my level of English proficiency.

Maxim Zlatokrylets

the Director of Sales of Mitsubishi at Rolf

On behalf of the Rusfinance Group and on my own behalf, I express my gratitude to the English teacher Petrova Alyona for her client-oriented attitude, expressed in the ability to understand business needs and help solve them, as well as for the high quality of teaching and the ability to create a positive atmosphere in the classroom.

Elena Brykina

Head of the Training and Personnel Development Department of Rusfinance Bank